Our Process

Why do our landscapes look so great?

We are a design-build firm - we build the gardens we design. It's not the easiest way to go about it - it takes an especially talented team with a wide diversity of skills - but that's the only sure-fire way to get extraordinary results. Think about it … design and construction actually happen on a continuum … there IS no distinct "design phase" followed by a distinct "construction phase". When you work with a designer (who doesn't build) and a builder (who doesn't design), an artificial separation is created in something that is naturally integrated. We believe the "building" of the garden begins with the design - and the "design" of the garden continues throughout its construction. That allows us to tailor the landscape to fit the land, oversee every aspect of the work, hand select materials, accessories, lighting, furnishings - right down to transitioning to your maintenance gardener. And that level of care shows in our final product. Because the process is integrated, the finished garden is too.

The Right Fit

We've noticed that our best projects have a number of things in common. When all of these things are present - when the "fit" is right - the results are truly amazing:

The Team

If there are other professionals working on your project - say an architect, interior designer, general contractor, engineer, etc. - you'll want to get everyone working together as a team. And, in order to maximize the project's potential - that is, to get the very most out of the site and the budget - we recommend that the whole project team be brought together as early as possible to form one cohesive unit. The team should possess the same qualities outlined above. Namely: