What people are saying about Grace Design Associates...

"There are lots of people who can design a garden on paper, but there are very few who understand that a garden actually IS art in three dimensions. Margie is clearly one of those rare individuals."

-- Alicia Lancashire, Client

"Margie has transformed my home, and in a sense my own personal landscape. She brings a painterly eye to her design work, but she is practical too, putting the brakes on some of my extravagant ideas so the result would be a very workable, manageable garden. When I moved in, this house was surrounded by dust and weeds. Margie transformed it into a garden that brings me, my family and friends enormous pleasure. She worked with me to find a serene, gentle, soothing palette, and listened carefully to my wishes, incorporating them into her design with great sensitivity. Soon, the community will be able to enjoy this garden as well, as it is being featured again on the upcoming Ojai Valley Garden Tour. A garden is always a work in progress, and Margie continues to stay committed to evolving the garden design with me, as we add new plantings and structural elements."

-- Sue Broidy, Client

Margie has an extensive knowledge of plants, and a strong sense of what works best where. Her eye for balance, color and texture is amazing. We were able to articulate our wants, gain knowledge on what "makes good sense" financially, and came away with a garden with an interesting and diverse array of plants. Its serenity is beautiful.

-- Lynn Jewett, Client

The sense of aesthetics, and the high degree of cooperation Margie and her team brought to the table throughout the course of the project, was outstanding. They are impeccable about making sure all aspects of the project are on course. Best of all, they made the project fun, and that doesn't happen that often!

-- Dennis Allen, Allen Associates, General Contractor & Client

I am an interior decorator.... and I have been for 33 years. I am visual and intuitive. And, probably, not easy to work for.
I started a project for a client, and I almost fainted walking up to the front door, I loved the landscaping so much. It took my breath away..... natural, beautiful, and the quail were running around. I asked who the landscape person was. Margie Grace. I hired her on the spot.
I have exactly what I wanted.... and I don't think anyone else could have done it.... she listens, she knows, and she will keep our ancient oaks alive.... along with the seedlings. There is no one better. She does landscaping that will save every plant.... she will not compromise if you want to do something that will eventually kill your oak trees. My garden looks like no other.
No mowers, blowers, clippers, trimmers.... she achieved a totally natural haven for birds and wildlife. We never want to travel anymore.... we live in Paradise.... thanks to Margie.

-- Penelope Bianchi, Client

'We were so fortunate to still have a home after the Tea fire burned through our neighborhood, but we were devastated by the loss of our beautiful garden. Everywhere we looked was an eerie, lunar landscape. We knew we needed to start over, but how? All we could see were melted irrigation lines, disintegrated trees and shrubs, and a much-larger canyon that needed immediate erosion protection. Margie and Dawn responded to our loss with heart, helping us work through the practical issues at hand, while reminding us of the potential. With their passion and expertise, they designed a drought-tolerant, fire-resistant, beautiful garden that not only feels appropriate to the site, but that also reflects who we are. They've been generous with their time, collaborative, hugely creative and a kick-in-the-pants to work with! I believe that an angel of grace saved our house from the fire, and Grace Design came along to help us save the garden!'

--Eden & Kevin